The Consortium of Forensic Science Organizations

Formed in 2000, CFSO is an association of six forensic science professional organizations: American Academy of Forensic Sciences; American Society of Crime Lab Directors; International Association for Identification; International Association of Forensic Nurses; National Association of Medical Examiners; and Society of Forensic Toxicologists - American Board of Forensic Toxicology.

These professional organizations together represent more than 21,000 forensic science professionals across the United States.

The mission of the CFSO is to speak with a single forensic science voice in matters of mutual interest to its member organizations, to influence public policy at the national level and to make a compelling case for greater federal funding for public crime laboratories and medical examiner offices. The primary focus of the CFSO is local, state and national policymakers, as well as the United States Congress.

Download the CFSO Bylaws here

The Violence Against Women Act is up for reauthorization. CFSO went back through the previous legislation and pulled together this clean Microsoft Word document so that our members can see the actual language. We encourage you to submit comments, edits, or potential additions. Please use "track changes" in the document.